15 he/him female lesbian autistic libra istj hf on ive britney spears lvr t-ara boa dcu/dceu and bts are my special interests

byf im a slow typer, i make a lot of spelling mistakes, i talk about my hyper fixations/special interests a lot, please use tone tags when talking to me, dont make fun of my special interests/hyperfixations unless close, i have a hard time with social cues, i make kys/kms jokes, please don’t claim to be the #1 rei/gaeul/chaeyeon stan or claim to be their wives around me theyre my special interests/hyperfixations so it does make me upsetdni basic dni criteria, dsmp fan, anti neo/xenopronouns/genders, quirky 2nd/1st gen stans, harlivy antis/ppl who dont ship harlivy, joker and harley shippers, joker defenders, engenes /hj..friends ;-; naomi jane hailey chaea lills danny amy robyn

music t-ara boa ive mcr passcode babymetal band-maid britney spears avril lavigne little mix maya hawke kara lee chaeyeon akb48 cyntia akmu evanescence all time low katy perry three days grace get scared btsmedia the handmaiden, heartbreak high, girl from nowhere, dc movies/shows, total divas, stranger things, bloom into you, alice in borderland, the underclass, aouad, sweet home, dream high 1 & 2, re:mind, extra curricular, ride or die, do revenge, wwe, derry girls, kamikaze girls, repo the genetic opera, scooby doo movies/shows, revue starlight